What is the price trend of Ivory Board?

Judging from the price fluctuation characteristics of the ivory board market in the past five years, the price in July and August this year was below the lowest value in five years. Although the price rebounded in September, it is difficult to rise below the lowest value in recent years based on the current upward trend. It can be seen that the market operation pressure has been relatively high this year. Since the end of the first quarter, the price of FBB has fallen below the low of nearly five years. In the third quarter, the market has begun to bottom out, but the overall paper price is at a low level.

Judging from the seasonal fluctuations of folding box board in the past 10 years, the third quarter is usually the transition point between the off-peak and peak seasons, and paper prices have turned from falling to rising. This year's market trend is generally in line with seasonal fluctuations. Due to low paper prices, rising costs, and improving supply and demand, paper prices have rebounded since August higher than the average level of previous years.